Terms and Conditions of Service

The following rules govern accounts at Brand X Internet. Your use of the service means you agree.


When you sign up for DSL service it is a contractual promise to pay the agreed upon rates, whether or not you actually use the service. If you sign up for a service with a one year term, then you have committed yourself to a full year of payments. When you place an order you are agreeing to pay, at the minimum, the installation fee, the minimum agreed term of service, and any other equipment or labor charges.

Annual Contracts


Our service agreement allows you to cancel with the following restrictions:


Nobody at Brand X likes to do billing or collections, and so we hope to keep billing as simple as possible.


We want customers to enjoy their service. Our rules are fairly simple:

Any violation of service rules may result in immediate termination of service, but bills will still need to be paid.


If any part of these terms and conditions is legally disputed, the remainder remains in force.

Customers waive any right to legal action. If you are unhappy please close your account. Our bills are too small to be worth fighting about in court. Customers waive any right to class action lawsuits. Customers agree that under no circumstances will compensation, including payments of any kind, exceed the amount the customer has paid to Brand X. Customers agree to waive any legal fees or expenses. Customer agrees that the court with jurisdiction service and billing disputes is the Santa Monica Small Claims Court.

Brand X may update these conditions from time to time.