Brand X Price list - Modems, Routers and Cables

At Brand X Internet, we offer a modest selection of equipment to support your DSL connection.

Netgear DSL Modem


This is a standalone modem. You can connect a computer directly to this modem, or you can get a Router to share the connection between multiple devices. This modem is compatible with routers such as the TP-Link (see below) or Linksys, Dlink, Netgear or Apple routers. Instructions for this modem are found on our website under "Support". We also have equivalent Motorola/Netopia modems, at the same price.

TP-Link Ethernet and WiFi Router


A router is a connection sharing device. This unit is an inexpensive brand but has good ratings from customers and is fast, reliable, and easy to configure. You need to have a separate modem for your DSL connection. Instructions for this router are found on our website under "Support".

Ethernet Cable


Standard factory made ethernet cable for connecting a computer to your router.

Custom Ethernet Cable


Ethernet cable custom made to order for a specific length. Cost depends on length.

Telephone Cable


For connecting a modem to a telephone jack.

2:1 Telephone Splitter


Split a telephone line into two telephone lines, one for voice and one for data.

DSL Filter


Use these to reduce noise on your voice lines. Never put a filter in front of your DSL modem.