DSL Speed

When you sign up for DSL we know you are looking for speed.

If you are not sure how fast your line is going, it's time to do a speed test.

The results will tell you if your line is performing the way it is designed to do.

Running the Speed Test

When you run the test, be sure to hit "Begin Test" and not "Clean up my computer" or one of the other ads or distracting services which may be offered.


Remember: Be sure to hit "Begin Test" and not one of the ads that surround the test. Especially beware of ads that offer to "Clean up your computer", these will try to download annoying software and won't do the test.

Test Results

Here's the final result of my test on my DSL line at home. It looks good. My line is rated at 3mb and the tested speed is 2.9mb. That's better than average. If you get 80% of the rated speed this is good. For a 3mb line 80% is 2.4mb and mine is much better than that. The ping time of 25ms and the upload speed of .72mb are also good. Ping time measures the time lag for responses on the line. A ping time of less than 100ms should be fine so mine is looking really good.


Sharing the Results

If you want to send us the results click on "Share this result".

The next image shows what the shared speedtest looks like. Copy the url ( number) and send it to us and we can see the speedtest that you did. In tech support situations this can be very helpful.