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The pricelist is available at www.brandx.net

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What company owns the phone lines in your neighborhood? If you are not sure, you can refer to the Telco Service Areas Map.

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Frontier Area Services

This is Verizon CA after 4/1/2016, as well as all other Frontier areas.

There is a $60 turn on fee, but no telephone line and no contract are required in Frontier areas.

Verizon Area Services

Check our Verizon area pricelist. Please note that the Verizon area price schedule applies in some former Bel Atlantic areas such as NY, but does not apply in areas transferred to Frontier. See the Frontier priced schedule for CA, TX and FL.

There is a $60 turn on fee, but no telephone line and no contract are required in Verizon areas

AT&T Area Services

Check our AT&T area pricelist

$6 startup telephone line IS required


A modem and a router are required for your connection. If you already have them, great. If not, we can supply them for you.

Check our Equipment pricelist

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