Telnet Basic Manual

The purpose of this document is to explain Telnet and how it is used.


What is Telnet and What Is It For?

Getting Started With Telnet

Some Things to Try

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What is Telnet and What Is It For?

Telnet is a system for logging onto a remote computer through the Internet. There are lots of reasons to do this. Telnet allows you to access computers all over the world and use the resources you find on those computers. You could use telnet to access Brand X while on vacation to check your mail. You can use it to play games, to join chat lines, or you can use it to access and modify web pages if you have a web site. Telnet does this by simulating a Unix terminal connected to the other computer via the Internet. So what you see in Telnet is the same thing as what you would see if you were at a terminal hooked directly to the other computer.

Telnet began as one of the basic features of Unix, and at Brand X we use telnet from a central console to access and configure the various Brand X computers. We use the basic text version of Telnet, which is built into Berkely Unix. There are Mac and Windows versions of Telnet, which you can run from home, and which give you all of the features of Unix Telnet, but with a nifty graphical window. Once you've got a connection started, all of the various forms of Telnet are the same because what you really see is whatever the other computer is sending you, and telnet is always going to be text no matter which version of telnet you use. Telnet is easy and it is popular. It is well worth learning. If you enjoy the Internet, Telnet will become one of your most useful and frequently used tools.

Getting Started With Telnet

We will explain here how to obtain and set up each of the versions of Telnet, and how to start a connection. The following chapters will tel you waht to do once you have Telnet set up.

Some Things to Try With Telnet

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