Setting up DSL with the Westell Wirespeed

Most of our customers use the Westell Wirespeed modem, pictured below.

Note that there are several models of Wirespeed. Not all of them are plain modems. The models 2100 and 6100 and various variations may have router capability built in. We have separate instructions for those devices.

The Westell Wirespeed (pictured below) is a simple modem with no router. It is the easiest device imaginable. There are no settings and no software.

These modems are available for $30 from Brand X Internet.

To set up your connection, first hook up the modem, make sure you have a good connection, and then go to the specific instructions for the computer or router that you are planning to use.

Detailed instructions follow.

Hardware Installation

Plug in the power cord. Plug an ethernet cable from the modem to a computer or router. Plug a telephone cord from the wall jack to the dsl (telephone) jack in the modem. Telephone cords and ethernet cords look very similar but the ethernet cable is thicker and has more wires in it.

Check the Modem Lights to see if we have a DSL Signal

In order for your DSL to work, you should have three green lights on the modem.


Note: some Westell modems are black and look slightly different, but the lights are similar.

Westell modem - what the lights mean

power = modem power
link = ethernet
ready = telephone line

If you have three solid green lights, all is good and you can move on to the next step.

If you have three solid lights on the modem

This means you have a good signal and everything is looking good on a hardware level.

Your next action will be to set up the computer or router. There are instructions on our web page for most common computers and routers.

We're done here and we have a good dsl signal.

Click here to back to the support page and find the router or comptuer you want to set up.

If the ready light on the modem is blinking

Blinking lights are bad.

If the "ready" light is off or blinking, then you do not have a DSL signal.

We need to find out why.

Check telephone cables, turn the modem off and on, then wait two minutes and see if the modem can synch up again. Be patient. The modem light will blink for a while then eventually go solid. If it just keeps blinking, you aren't getting a good signal to the modem.

If that doesn't work, unplug the telephone wire from the modem. Plug it back in. Make sure all telephone wires are snug. Turn the modem off and on, then wait two minutes and see if the modem can synch up again. The modem light will blink for a while then eventually go solid. If it just keeps blinking, you aren't getting a good signal to the modem.

If the ready light is still blinking, this means we do not have a DSL signal.

Check DSL Install Date

Double check your dsl installation date. Sometimes people become confused, particularly if there is one day for the telephone line installation and another date for the DSL itself.

If you are not sure, call us and ask.

Check other wall jacks

Sometimes we are not sure where the DSL has been installed. If you are not sure, go around and try different jacks. Sometimes this will be enough to get your DSL going.

Cabling Required

This applies only to standalone dsl.

When we install a standalone dsl service, we have to install a telephone line. Sometimes DSL requires an engineer to come out and do wiring. There will be a $25 cabling charge if we have to send an engineer to complete the telephone line installation.

This fee is actually a very good deal, because once you have this telephone line installed, you save about $30 month because you don't need a Verizon telephone line.

Did Verizon really come to do your installation? If this is a standalone service, then verizon may or may not have come to your building.

Find the phone closet in your building and look to see if there is a tag with your DSL number on it.

Here's a typical tag from a DSL that Verizon has installed for us. Note the telephone number should match our dummy number.

If you want to try and fix cabling yourself, there are instructions on our website.

If you need us to come out, we will make an appointment and do so. Give us a call.

At Brand X Internet we are here to help. You can reach us by telephone at 310-395-5500 or send us email at

Note: Brand X Internet is an install it yourself service. Brand X normally does not make free house calls to set up internet. If you want, we will cheerfully come out and hook up your line. The charge is $25 plus travel. Nearly all of our customers do it themselves but we're here if you need us. We don't make any profit on line installations, the entire fee goes to the engineer.