Buying a Modem or Router

Customers often come to us and ask for information about modems and routers they can use with their DSL connections.

We recommend a separate modem and router. Some of the modems have simple routers built in. We recommend to disable the router and get a separate router. The separate routers usually have much better wifi and will work better.

Modem: Westell

We recommend the "Westell Wirespeed" router because it's the easiest one to set up, they're mostly made in the US, they are very reliable, and they are inexpensive.

The best Westell modems are the simple modem only devices. We sell these for $30 but have very few left. Refer to our support pages to see what these look like.

Westell also makes a number of modem/router combo devices. The router will work but has no wifi, so it's best to just disable it and then get a separate router. We have instructions in our support pages on how to do this.

Modem: Netgear

Netgear also makes some nice inexpensive modems. We sell these for $30. They are available from Best Buy for about $50, but sometimes they are on sale and you might also find them on Amazon or Ebay.

When you buy one of these make sure it's not a cable modem. The Netgear Cable Modems and DSL modems look very similar so check carefully before you buy.

The Netgear modems usually have some kind of simple router built in. We recommend to disable this router and use this device as a modem. Then you can get your favorite wifi router and connect that. There are instructions on our support site.

Choosing a Router

On our website we have instructions for Apple, Netgear, Linksys, Actiontec, Netis, and several other brandx of routers. All of them work and all of them should be just fine.

With any router we suggest that you should make sure it has both wireless and cabled connections. A lot of the devices look kind of similar so you have to read the fine print carefully and make sure you are not getting a wireless repeater or a ethernet only router.

Verizon and AT&T Devices

Many customers come to us from Verizon or AT&T and bring equipment with them. In general this equipment should work on our network, but will require some reconfiguration.

Actiontec DSL Modems from Verizon- These will work fine. Instructions are on our website. These are given out by Verizon. Note that Actiontec also makes FIOS modems which are NOT compatible.

Westell - These will work fine, but may reqquire the "walled garden" unlock. Instructions are on our website.

Pace and Motorola devices from ATT. We have some customers using these but the configuration are partilly disabled on some models. Discuss with us before purchasing one of these used.

FIOS modems from Verizon - These are not compatible.

CABLE MODEMS - These are not compatible. Wrong kind of plugs.


Amazon has a great selection of cheap routers in he $20-$50 range.

We have seen some really good deal on "Dlink" and "TP-Link" routers at Amazon. The offering varies from time to time.