Windows 7 PPPOE Connection

These instructions will show you how to connect to a PPPOE connection using a Windows 7 computer connected directly to a modem. If you have a router, or if your connectiong is DHCP type, then these instructions do not apply.

For Terence Hickey: The modem must be in "bridge" mode which means it has routing turned off. We set it up this way for you. DHCP should be off. If you try to connect to a modem in "bridge" mode it will fail. DHCP will fail and you will be assigned a 169 address. This is fine. This is how we want it.

You will need a PPPOE username and password which you should get from Brand X Internet. You will not be able to guess this information. If you are not sure, call us!

OK we are ready to start.

From "Control Panels" open the "Network and Sharing Center".

Select "Setup a connection".

Tell it your connection type is Broadband-PPPOE.

Enter the PPPOE account information which you were given by Brand X Internet. The username and password in the picture are examples only. If you don't have a username and password, please ask us.

The computer will try to connect.

You can find a button for your connection either in the Network Sharing Center, or in the lower corner of your screen, where the wifi signal button is found. Try it, you will see the new PPPOE connection added by where the Wifi Networks are listed. When you click, the list of connections will come up.

Select the "Brand X PPPOE" connection and it will try to connect. The computer may want to confirm the password.

Removing Connection

Sometimes after setting up a PPPOE connection you will want to remove it. This is tricky. You can't just hilight it and hit delete. For some reaons Microsoft's network settings are needlessly confusing.

First, open the Network and Sharing Center. On the column on the left, click or tap "Change adapter settings". You will see a list of connections. The one you want to delete should be there, so hilight it. Then locate the "delete this connection" button which will probably be up and to the right. Click. Like magic, the connection is gone.