Using Command Line FTP

FTP is used to upload or download files from servers. The basic command line ftp is a Unix command that also has been copied into Windows.

Unix, Linux or Mac OSX users can open a Unix window and use FTP. Windows users can bring up a DOS window by selecting run on the start menu. In the dialog box, type command and then click OK.

Starting FTP

 ftp server-name  

Where server-name is the name of the server you want to connect to, for example:


Next you will be prompted for your username and password. (this would come first when accessing FTP through a Unix window)

Here is a list of the commands you will routinely use in the FTP program:
put filename - Upload a file to the server
get filename - Download a file from the server
mput filename - Put multiple files on the server
mget filename - Get multiple files on the server
ls - Get a list of files in the current directory
cd - Change directory
quit - Ends your ftp session