Brand X Price List - DSL in Frontier Territory

Brand X Internet offers DSL and Fiber services in Frontier telephone areas including Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Mt. Baldy, Ontario, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Sunland, Monrovia, Glendora, Covina, La Puente, Mt. Baldy, and many other nearby areas.

Check the service area map to see if you are in one of those Frontier areas.

Fiber is available in buildings that have fiber facilities. About 1/3 of the buildings in Santa Monica have fiber available. We also have fiber customers in Marina del Rey, Long Beach, and other areas. GIve us a call if you would like us to check your address for service availability.


The following are the terms for new customers starting 2/1/2018.

All prices are complete. There are no additional taxes or surcharges. You will often find that $45 from us is cheaper than $25 from those other guys.

Service Package (down/up) Monthly Setup

3-12 mb/768 kb
The actual speed depends on the location and the quality of the wiring. We will give you the best speed the line will support.


$60 or free with one year term

18 mb/1.5 mb
This speed doesn't work in most areas, but bonded service may be available if single line dsl won't give this speed.


$60 or free with one year term

24 mb/1.5 mb
This speed doesn't work in most areas, but bonded service may be available if single line dsl won't give this speed.


$60 or free with one year term

12 mb/3 mb Bonded DSL
This service combines two lines to get a faster speed. If basic DSL isn't fast enough this may help. Sometimes if the customer is far from the central office, this is the best way to get a faster speed.


$60 or free with one year term

18 mb/3 mb Bonded DSL
This service combines two lines to get a faster speed. If basic DSL isn't fast enough this may help.


$60 or free with one year term

25 mb/3 mb Bonded DSL
This service combines two lines to get a faster speed.


$60 or free with one year term

45 mb/6 mb Bonded DSL
This service combines two lines to get a faster speed.


$60 or free with one year term

Speed: We will generally give you the best speed your lines will support. Some lines will support 3mb and some will support as much as 12 mb. The actual speed will depend on line quality and the distance to the central office.

Bonded dsl is actually two 12 mb DSL lines bonded together for double the speed. Thi is a new service and is only available in some areas. It requires a special modem.

A binding one year contract means you must pay for one year of service even if you move, or your roommate gets cable, or you decide you don't like the internet any more and want to read books instead. If your account is closed early the entire amount becomes immediately due. If you are unhappy with the speed you get you must let us know within one week of installation otherwise the one year term is binding.

After the one year term, the contract becomes month to month.

Note: These are the terms for new customers after 10/1/2018. Some people may have annual or monthly contracts with other terms, which remain in force. Annual contracts convert to month to month when the annual term is up.

Annual discount

There is a 10% annual discount if you pay one year in advance.

Static Addresses

Static addresses are available for $40 per month for one, $80 per month for 5. This includes permission to run servers. Spam and porn are prohibited, but you can run email, web and video servers as long as they follow our guidelines. We are absolutely ok with servers. There are no bandwidth charges. The fee is an add-on to any of our other service contracts.

No Telephone, No Problem

We can provide you dsl in Frontier areas even if you don't have telephone service, as long as there are wire or fiber in your building. More than 90% of our new customers sign up for Standalone DSL. Most are former Verizon/Frontier customers.

Business Accounts

Personal and Business accounts cost the same.

Accounts Include

With any account you are also allowed two free email accounts and free telephone technical support.


Our support is local; you will never be transferred to Kazakhstan or Mongolia to get your technical support.

We don't have computers that try to talk to you, and we don't have 30 minute holds to test your patience.

If all our lines are busy and we can't talk, we'll have someone take your number and call you back. This rspects and values your time.


Two free. Additional mailboxes are $5.00 per month, or $50.00 per year.

What kind of speed can I expect?

Throughput (download) speed will be lower than connection speed and will vary based on a number of factors, including distance from your locations to the central office, the condition of your phone line and wiring inside your location, network and internet congestion, and the servers or web sites to which you connect, among other factors. Here's what you can expect: Based on customer feedback and a limited amount of our own testing, it appears that most DSL customers are getting about 70%-80% of the upper limit.

What about fees and taxes?

If you look at a Frontier bill you will see various fake taxes and things like "Regulatory Recapture Fee" which means a fee that Frontier charges because they think there's too much regulation. We don't do any of that. Our prices are our prices. Brand X Charges similar prices for residential and business services. The price you pay generally depends on the level of service you select. Brand X has no bandwidth limitations and no special service charges. Generally a $45 Brand X charge will cost you less than a $45 charge from the big guys, because our fees are exactly what we quote you. Frontier and Spectrum charge whatever they feel like and it never matches the price they quote.


Some services require an annual term. There are no exceptions to this. After the one year term they become month to month.

Service on a month to month basis may be cancelled at any time with the limitation that service is in units of one month with a minimum charge of one month. Two weeks notice for cancellation is required. So you cannot call up on the 27th and cancel and ask for three days fees to be refunded. If you want to close on the 30th and avoid charges for the next month, you should let us know on the 15th and there will be no problem. Cancelation should be by email to with a copy to yourself. Cancelation by phone message is not effective. Notice must be in writing by email to avoid confusion and to make sure the right account is closed on the correct day.

A minimum service charge for installation and one month of service is incurred if any Frontier or Brand X person visits your location, even if the customer fails to plug in the equipment. Frontier charges us for installation whether or not the line is used. If you wish to cancel without obligation we must receive this at least two working days before the "dry loop" or fiber installation date so that we can prevent them from going out. If a customer delays installation this will not reduce the bill. If an installed line doesn't initially work correctly we will usually credit the down time but we cannot credit the installation fee.

Late fees of $10 will be assessed for any payment that is received after the due date. If your card number changes or the card expires it is your responsibility to update us on this to avoid late fees. An account cannot be closed until any outstanding bill is paid, and billing will continue to accrue. A turn off fee of $25 will be charge to any customer that we have to disconnect for billing reasons.

Please click here for our general Terms And Conditions.

Modems and Routers

Most of our customers bring their own modems. We have instructions on our website for how to configure various types of modems that are common. If you need a modem or router, please refer to our pricelist for equipment.

Contact Information:

Any questions? Call 310-395-5500 or email and we will be happy to help.