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Brand X now offers DSL in Canada!

Prequal for Bell Canada DSL

Brand X Intenet Supports Education

LACC students will find class related notes and information here:

CAOT 112


Name Server and Mail Addresses:

pop mail=mail.brandx.net
smtp    =smtp.brandx.net

Linkline Customers

At Brand X Internet we are very sorry to hear that our friends at Linkline will no longer be offering Verizon area DSL after 4/19.

If you are Linkline customer we will do our best to help.

If you get your order in quickly, we can move you to our network, with little or no downtime.

If you want to sign up for service, click the link below. Our order form goes directly into the system so this is the fastest way to get an order going.

Please give us a call on 310 395 5500 if you have questions. We will be happy to help.

We apologize that our lines have been quite busy the last few days.

Questions can also be sent to support@brandx.net and we will usually answer within the hour.


Jim Pickrell
Brand X Internet

Click here to signup for service or check pricing and availability

Standalone DSL!

Save $30 a month on telephone company voice charges.

Save $60 a month on Time Warner Cable.

Get DSL without telephone company voice service and without having to sign up for cable service you don't really want.

We can provide standalone DSL service in Verizon and Bell Canada areas. This means we can offer DSL service unlinked to any voice service. This will save you about $30 a month by avoiding their "bundles".

General Information

More details about specific areas:

Prices start at $20 a month.

Related news: Verizon is discontinuing Standalone DSL for their own customers - but we still have it.

Have a look at Verizon's latest Mailer!

See why Brand X Internet is better!

When you sign with the phone company, they pad the bills with bogus charges and fake taxes like the "regulatory recapture fee" which sounds like a tax, but isn't. The price you pay is often double the price they quote.

Check your phone bill. Read the fine print. Often you can't even get a straight answer from them about what their lines cost. They think consumers are too dumb to do the math.

A $20 line from Brand X usually costs less than a special package price line from the phone company, without any of the hassles, conditions, or misleading pricing information.

The links below will allow you to check and see if you qualify for service, will quote the rates and services available, and if you want, you can even order service. Of course just checking availability and pricing is fine, there is no requirement that you sign up.

Order Form and Line Prequalification for ATT area DSL

Order Form and Line Prequalification for Verizon area DSL

Order Form and Line Prequalification for Bell Canada area DSL


Al Franken and Sonia Sotomayer discuss Brand X

We took the FCC to the Supreme Court challenging regulations that allowed the telephone companies to grab control of the Internet from the companies and research organizations that originally built it. The phone companies won round one, but the battle isn't over. We believe "network neutrality" can be achieved only through real competition. Single source internet is a bad plan, no matter how you regulate it. Nobody has every voted on these issue, but we believe when the voice of the American people is heard, competition will be the rule.

Jim Pickrell, Brand X Internet.


About Brand X Internet

Brand X Internet specializes in High Speed DSL, Super Fast T1 lines, Frame Relay, Server Colocation, Web sites, Local Wireless and High Speed Dial-up Connections.

We've been doing nothing but Internet since 1994.

Our T1 service was named
"one of the best values for Internet access"
in Internet Computing Magazine.

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Brand X Internet - Telephone 310 395 5500 - Email sales@brandx.net

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